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  • “Life Skills has proved to be a boon for our children. We as teachers can see the change in them when we see them interact with us and others. IT HAS EVEN HELPED THEM TO IMPROVE ACADEMICALLY by learning how to focus and cope with the stress of academic life. ”

    ManjulaGrade VI Teacher, JVVP School, Bangalore, INDIA
  • “I joined the SALT Program in Grade VI. I was a shy person and never spoke to anyone. In the program, our instructor encouraged us to speak and voice our opinions. I surprised myself and BEGAN SPEAKING CONFIDENTLY. This program has really transformed me and I now voice my opinions fearlessly.””

    Humaira Aziz
    Humaira AzizGrade 7 B, Al Salam Private School, DUBAI



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Robin Mathew Cherian shared PeoplePro Trainers & Consultants Pvt Ltd's post to the group: PeoplePro Trainers & Consultants Pvt Ltd. ... See MoreSee Less

As a part of Traffic Safety Awareness, Peoplepro Trainers and Consultants,First Steps School,Hyades Education and Y'S Men's International together created a mega public canvas at Manachira square on the 28th January from 3.30 pm to 6 pm. The event was inaugurated by the eminent artist Mr Paul Kallanode.With the expert strokes of his brush, Mr. Paul Kallanode drew a racing horse replacing its legs with wheels symbolizing the mad pace with which vehicles move creating accidents. Mr. R.Jayanth, general secretary,Kerala Heart Care Society spoke a few words. On behalf of Y'S Men's club Dr Moidu expressed his views on the subject and Mr Sreekumar.K presented a memento to Mr Paul Kallanode. 20 children took part from First Steps School and held placards with slogans of traffic rules written on it.They reminded people to wear helmets and not to use cell phones.The children, teachers and parents added their thoughts on traffic safety onto the canvas.The children really enjoyed being a part of this campaign. This event was covered by various news media who were also present. The Public was engaged and the community pledged to being responsible for safer roads in Calicut. - Mrs. Anupama Ramesh, Implementor - PeoplePro Calicut #nationalroadsafetycampaign, #socialimpact, #peopletransformation, #PeoplePro, #firststepsschool, #YsMenInternational, #calicut

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Robin Mathew Cherian shared PeoplePro Trainers & Consultants Pvt Ltd's post to the group: PeoplePro Trainers & Consultants Pvt Ltd. ... See MoreSee Less

National Traffic Awareness week was implemented by Trinity English Higher Secondary School - Paldi Ahmedabad,on 12th Janurary 2016, by the students of Grade 6 and Grade 9. Students wore helmets and Seat belts to encourage the citizens to follow traffic rules. It was a rally with posters and banners in the hands of the students, walking on the busy streets and stopping on the crossroads to request all to please follow traffic rules and be safe than sorry. The students engaged the community and received tremendous response from the public. Students thanked all the people who wore helmets and seat belts. They pointed towards their own helmets, to the people who were negligent towards the rule. Students realized, after the completion of the rally, that each one of them has the power to influence others positively, if they choose to. We thank our teachers Mrs.Palak and Mrs.Sandhya, specially, who assisted PeoplePro for a safe and successful rally, We also thank Mrs. Nirali and the School management for giving us the liberty, time and full support for the community initiative. Mrs. Dimple Deshpande, Business Partner - PeoplePro Ahmedabad #nationalroadsafetycampaign, #socialimpact, #peopletransformation, #PeoplePro, #trinityenglishhighersecondaryschool, #ahmedabad

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Congratulations #agentsofchange #NBVTrivandrum,#SriDineshPanicker ... See MoreSee Less

What a day?! So much love and Support from 2 amazing gentlemen- well renown actor and producer Sri. Dinesh Panicker and SI. D Samuel from Trivandrum traffic dept who went all out of their way to encourage the students of Navajeevan Bethany Vidyalaya as they rallied round the Nalanchira Junction to motivate every soul of our Trivandrum to make it Accident Free and Civic Sense Rich city in the world. They spoke their heart out inspiring the students and public to be the change they want to see in our city. PeoplePro in association with Navajeevan Bethany Vidyalaya thank you both from the bottom of our hearts. On 29th Jan 2016 people from all walks of life spared time together as a team to inspire Trivandrum to pledge safer roads and take civic responsibility. Together, as Agents of Change, we can make this dream a reality! Thank you Trivandrum! - Veena Rachel Johnson , Business Partner , PeoplePro -Thiruvananthapuram. #nationalroadsafetycampaign, #socialimpact, #peopletransformation, #PeoplePro, #DineshPanicker, #NBVTrivandrum

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Congrats BTS LP Government School, Edapally, Cochin! #agentsofchange, #makingadifference, #nationalroadsafetyweek, #socialimpact, #peopletransformation, #PeoplePro ... See MoreSee Less

VAZHIKANNU – a road safety awareness campaign Every day many people are involved in road accidents. Some are killed and some are injured. It is very important for us to use the roads properly and safely. This underlines the urgency for adopting various road safety measures. PeoplePro Trainers and Consultants in association with MUTHOOT Finance organized a Road Safety Campaign “VAZHIKANNU” at the Govt LP School, Edapally. The day started with a rally inaugurated by the Asst Commissioner of Police Mr Sajan in the presence of the Counselor Ms Sheela Sebastian, Head mistress Ms Molly, Parents, Teachers, and students of the Government LP School. Safety awareness should begin from childhood so that safety will be a habit. Students from Grade 1 to 3 under the guidance of the facilitators of PeoplePro Cochin performed events like Street Play, Tableau and Road Safety Dance. The rally and Street Play on Road Safety captured the attention of the crowd. The main focus area was curbing around the five fatal like: Speeding, Inattention and fatigue, breaking traffic rules, driving under Influence, Rash and reckless driving. Every adult pledged to remember these 5 fatal by participating in the signature campaign – “Time for Action”. Vazhikannu was a wonderful experience which was also an eye opener to the future generation on road safety and traffic rules. The event gave the message to the students the importance of their life along with the need to save others on roads from losing their lives. Our heartfelt thanks to PeoplePro’s efforts says Ms Molly, Headmistress – Govt LP School, Edapally. The event “VAZHIKANNU” was all about giving students the skills to be Road Safety Ambassadors – Ms Jasna Cyril, Business Partner – PeoplePro Cochin

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Agents of Change from Bangalore! ... See MoreSee Less

In alignment with the #NationalRoadSafety Campaign, PeoplePro (Bangalore) and the students of KLE highlighted the need for following traffic rules among the public through rallies, skits and public interactions. Awareness was created that safe roads was the right of every road user and also the responsibility of every citizen. #roadsafety, #socialimpact, #peopletransformation, #PeoplePro, #makingadifference

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